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Professionals with decades of experience.

We have gathered a group of truly amazing professionals, teachers and therapists with a lifetime of experience in their fields. From life coaching to counselling, Yoga,  Thai massage, Pilates , Aromatherapy, Cooking and healthy eating to exercise, healing and meditation. 

Creator of Body, Mind and Soul Retreats

That is me ! Emily Hulland. I have lived in Cartajima for 14 years with my two daughters. 

Like many people I have become more and more convinced in recent years of the importance of self- love, empathy and human connection. This is the central message I hope to spread through these retreats. Living through difficult personal circumstances over the last 10 years I have found ways to alleviate stress, anxiety and sometimes hopelessness that I would like to share. 

The fundamental key is finding a connection with nature and the way to do it is deceptively simple - walking. Walking in the peace of our natural world is one of the best therapies I have found to cope with grief and loss. 

Our privileged setting in the Genal valley gives a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the healing power of nature and I would love to share that journey with you.

I have a vision that these retreats will provide a haven for people who need to take stock and reorder their lives. Especially women , often mothers, grandmothers or caregivers in some capacity who have a tendency to put the wants of others above their own needs. These retreats not only offer a nurturing, healing and restorative experience during your stay  but the opportunity to learn real practical self care skills to take into your every day life.

Should you decide to book place on one of our retreats I will be your point of call with any doubts you have and will endeavour to make the experience as simple, inspiring and welcoming as possible.

Your Hosts

Di Beach, owner of Los Castaños, is passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Oscillating between vegetarianism and veganism for years, she now calls herself a plant-preferring omnivore. She has lived a healthy lifestyle, sailing oceans and in the countryside on several continents. When living in California she behaved like a local and was at the gym every morning when it opened at 6 am. Practising yoga seemed too tame for many years but she now embraces it completely and practises every morning for half an hour either on the rooftop terrace or inside in the fitness area. 

Food has always been a passion. What different cultures eat and why. Everywhere she travelled she asked, “how do you make that?” so her repertoire is extensive and multicultural. 

In creating this all-inclusive retreat with Emily, Di hopes it will be restorative and relaxing but will also open new pathways to those participating. She is hopeful that the activities both physical and nurturing, spiritual and pampering with give respite to those who need it.

You will also meet John during your stay when he is sharing his local knowledge on your guided walks or helping wait on tables during lunch or dinner. He is Di´s other half and an essential part of the team at Los Castaños. He is the one who makes sure the heating and cooling systems work perfectly , the water is always hot and importantly that the white wine is always cool! Di and John were childhood sweethearts at primary school and got together again just twelve years ago after a school reunion (aaaah!) He´s a great sous-chef but an incredible engineer (his profession before being a press-ganged hotelier) and as yet there is nothing we have found that he cannot fix. Embracing the philosophy of reduce, recycle, repair, John plays a key part in helping us be as environmentally conscious as we can be. He installed solar panels to heat the water, timers so electrical devices run during the night thus saving energies, replaced all the bulbs for LEDs and many other innovations to save energy.

Life coaching and Psychotherapy

Joining us on retreats as a special guest is the insightful and wise Gabriella Kortsch, PhD (Psychology)

Author of four books: the bestselling Rewiring the Soul (2011), The Tao of Spiritual Partnership (2012), The Power of Your Heart: Loving the Self (2013), and Emotional Unavailability & Neediness: Two Sides of the Same Coin (2014). 

She works in private practice as an integral (holistic) psychotherapist, relationship and life coach with an international clientele in southern Spain using an integral focus on body, mind and soul.  She works in depth with people who are interested in moving forward in their process of inner growth, and as a relationship coach, for those who want to improve their communication skills whilst also learning how to become more conscious and aware. 

 Also an international speaker she has clients in 30 countries, she teaches workshops, posts on her blogs, and publishes a monthly newsletter in English, Spanish, and German. She is the mother of three sons.

Yoga and Thai massage

Meet Mara, she has been sharing her love and passion for Yoga and healing therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage for nearly 20 years.
Her Dharma in this life is to bring Light and Magic into the lives of everyone she meets.
Her teaching style is unique, inspirational and playful, with a down to earth attitude, making your yoga journey comfortable and joyful and accessible to all levels.
Mara uses Thai Yoga Massage in combination with osteopathy, therapeutic flying and Wuo Tai, a combination of incredible techniques that are more than just bodywork; it is more like a poetry of movement, an adventure of the Spirit, artfully blending and customizing each treatment according to your individual needs.

Mara's philosophy is simple:
"Be good and Do good. Keep your body strong and healthy, and mind open and relaxed in order to live a peaceful, useful and ease full life and be in service to others".

Pilates and massage

Sonia Valle Cortijo is our Pilates instructor (MAT Pilates "Movement and wellness-" Servicio de Deportes Universidad de Cádiz). Doubly talented she is also a qualified massage therapist gaining her qualifications from "Centro Apofifis" in Jerez de la Frontera.

She is passionate about sport, manual therapies , looking after our bodies and living a healthy lifestyle. She is committed to her own personal inner balance and to nurturing the personal development of others.
Sonia has been running several group classes in the local surrounding villages for the last three years and is building a strong following.


Our expert is Coral Gonzalez- Taylor.

Coral brings experience gained from a life-long interest in natural health and healing. She is a qualified aromatherapist and Rain Drop Practitioner who has also trained in Thai massage in Thailand and has also completed a Yoga course in India and although she doesn't call her self a yoga teacher she is very much aware of the principles. She is also practicing and learning the art of Solestry. Loves working with clients from all walks of life, sharing the wisdom she’s gained along the path to help support others maintain good health naturally.

She offers deeply relaxing aromatherapy treatments where oils are selected and blended to suit each individual client. As well as home treatment and advice.

Coral is committed to only using the highest-quality, therapeutic grade massage and essential oils and can also offer locally-sourced CBD oil if required. Through working in this way she’s seen time and time again the healing power of nature.

Breathwork and Yoga.

Zarah is ever so captivated by the capacity of the human system and its connection to our inner and outer worlds; she has travelled a colourful road which always leads her back home, to her body and most importantly to spirit.
Coming from a dance background, Zarah easefully transitioned to yoga around 15 years ago and felt immediately nurtured not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. From this point her passion grew rapidly and in 2012, she completed her first TTC in London, going on to travel and study in India with intensive studies of Astanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Pranayama and Indian Philosophy and bodywork/massage. Above all else, and central to the very essence of life, the breath has been a huge source of inspiration for Zarah ,who has acquired much experience in Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) and is facilitating Integrative Breathwork which incorporates breath awareness and conscious breathing for healing, growth, personal awakening and transformation.

Zarah is always excited to share some of the many tools of yoga and breathwork that serve as great friend. A companion to unearth the depths of our being, to cultivate balance of body and mind and shine light on the infinite potential within.

Healing and Connection

Celeste was born in South Africa and came to Spain when she was 15. She lives in on a chestnut farm in a small town called Jubrique and has dedicated 12 years of her life to her children and veggie patch, but now the universe is pushing her to dedicate her life to healing the planet and it’s inhabitants by raising their frequency and reconnecting us us to who we really are.

She practices Reconnective Healing and is also a facilitator of The Personal Reconnection which ties us back into the planetary energy grid and extends out into the vast infinite field of information of the entire universe and activates our dormant strands of DNA.

Celeste is on a mission to raise our frequency and that of the planet so that we are able to quickly and easily adjust to the incoming energies of our new place in space and time. Contrary to traditional training of one on one she has developed a technique to heal large groups of people at once so as to speed up the process of making the world a better place. She has learnt how to just “BE” and lives in all dimensions of time and space healing the past and the future in the “NOW”