Mission statement

So I know it goes against all the marketing rules to use negative branding but when I picture my mission statement a lot of what comes to mind is what we are not.

So, to begin....

This is not a boot camp- this is not a detox - weight loss- fitness- fasting, cleansing, diet, adventure, training, excercise thing....

This is not a spa weekend- this is not micro blading, gel nails, botox, false lashes, sun bed, girls only, poolside, cocktail thing....

This is not a spiritual enlightenment , hippy healing, woo woo, plant medicine, sound bath, god moment, ayahuasca, trauma release , shaman thing

This is not a yoga in Bali or India or Costa Rica, Kundalini, hatha 200 hour teacher training, pranayama, ashtanga, trapeze , aerial, vinyasa mantra thing

This is not your friends, daughter's, cousin who runs a yoga retreat in Morrocco every year thing...

It's not even an under water, on a yacht, up a tree in Iceland at Christmas thing...

Believe me if you have ever tried to fill in the boxes on a retreat booking site you soon realise what you are not!

So seriously what this is... 

This is a true retreat for your body, your mind and your soul. 

It is an idyllic location of unrivalled pristine countryside, chestnut forests, limestone crags and andalucian village charm, hidden but not remote, away from it all but highly accessible.

It is a perfect venue , well established but immaculate, a "boutique" hotel with space and light, highly acclaimed for its style and service and award winning for it's food.

It is top class accomodation, services and amenities with the personal touch.

It is a handpicked team of professionals each playing a different role in your journey towards self care.

It is a carefully curated collection of experiences designed to provoke real change in your patterns of thinking, acting, eating, exercising, sleeping, feeling and being. 

It is moments of pure calm, peace, and tranquility alongside joyful, funny and exhilarating moments of awakening.

It is finding connections with others through sharing, talking eating and laughing and connections deep within yourself through gentle meditation and walks in nature.

It is inciteful talking therapy and life coaching from the heart for the heart.

It is soulful yoga and body transforming pilates. 

It is cooking and eating nourishing but delicious food. 

It is walking and hiking on guided routes. 

It is relaxing massage and treats for the skin

...and more than this it is all designed for you to take this experience and make it part in your life going forward.

It is a step towards the greatest goal. To be happy.