Changing Leaves

So... "Changing Leaves".... Maybe you had to be there. I have heard everything from "sounds like a funeral home" (my own mother) to "oh just countryside then"

So first lesson. I am not a budding marketing genius....but there is method and some soul in my madness.

When we first discovered Cartajima (literally 45 minutes from where we lived) we had no idea of its existance . And still the case for most people, even born and bred Rondeñans 20 mins away.

So we looked at the house we eventually bought in late September. Fell in love with the view a vast expanse of green trees as far as the eye could see. Fell for it. Wanted it.Fast forward a few months of bureaucracy and paperwork until our next visit to our new home.

Up the familiar "Ronda " road - perhaps not paying sufficient attention outside with a 2 and 3 year old inside to deal with...turn left to drive the 6 kms of (then) fairly bumpy road to the village - and we were astounded to find our green and pleasant valley had transformed itself into a yellow orange gold and copper masterpiece.

It was Autumn!
A few years of coastal living had nigh on wiped out memories of conkers and falling leaves... but here it was and on our doorstep.
Over the next few years it took time to fall in with the rhythms of this new landscape.Life and 2 children under 4 meant I often missed the transformation. Some years the leaves would already be falling by the time I took the time to appreciate the gloriousness of it.

Same in Spring- after months of bare trees..which quite frankly can resemble nuclear holocaust- one's attention would quite suddenly be gripped by a valley of yellow limey another blink the valley was fully clothed again. Bright green and vibrant.

One year, after complicated times which involved 2 spine surgeries, I was forced to slow down.Convalescing, from my room I decided this year I would capture the change. I photographed my view pretty much twice daily for a year. The video is the result.

So changing leaves is not just a metaphor, ( but it is a bloody good metqphor) it is an actual thing.

Nature being the unpredictable creature she is I can't even guarantee where she will have got to in her yearly course of transformation at the end of November. We could still have a copper valley , the colours may have turned to earth browns , dry and crackling....we could even have reached peak nuclear look.

But regardless each stage is as beautiful as the last when you know where to look- just as our life journey can be. And the best bit- even when we can't see them those green shoots are beginning their journey deep within and they will always always find a way back. If we just pay attention they start to appear sooner than we think.