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Your Retreat Experience


We have researched and designed your retreat to start and end the day with simple but effective rituals. No experience is necessary and exercises will be short but precise with the aim of making them easy to fit into your everyday life. Studies show these rituals can help sleep problems, weight loss , improve attention levels, decrease stress levels , ease anxiety , manage pain, prevent depression relapse and even increase grey matter. On top of this they can help with emotional resilience and most importantly engender empathy and compassion for ourselves and others. 

From sunrise stretching, focused meditation exercises to keep the mind present  and night time routines to aid rest and sleep these are the building blocks of yours retreat experience. We also want to encourage guests to take advantage of the peace and tranquility of this retreat throughout the day. Use down time and quiet moments for reflection and mindful thinking. Grab a book, put on some headphones and listen to soothing music or just breathe.

Ayurvedic cooking classes.

According to ancient Indian ayurvedic tradition, each of us has a different constitution with varying degrees of the three doshas which represent air (Vata), fire (Pitta) and water (Kapha). One is supposed to eat according to one´s personal make up. However, there are tridoshic dishes which are beneficial for everybody regardless of their individual constitution. With this in mind, Di has developed a delicious tridoshic Ayurveda menu. Guests are invited to join her in the kitchen to experience and help in the preparation of the meal and to enjoy it together afterwards. The recipes for these dishes will be in your farewell gift package.

As well as hosting your cooking class Di has designed a perfectly nutritious and delicious menu for your stay. Plant- based, local, and organic where possible, the food will be one of the delights of your stay. Di is a surprisingly modest chef considering she has been awarded  Best Inland Hotel by the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga and one look at her trip advisor reviews leave little doubt as to her skills. 
Also although we are all about healthy lifestyle and wellness but we also have a penchant for the finer things in life. We want you to feel thoroughly relaxed and mostly to enjoy your stay and have fun! Join us for a glass of wine if you wish (local and organic of course). And don´t feel you have to miss out on pudding! It is one of our specialities. 


One of the true highlights of your stay is the location of our retreat. From the door of the hotel, within minutes you can find yourself immersed in unspoilt nature. From the quiet village streets and pristine chestnut forests to the spectacular limestone Riscos there are walks for every level of fitness and experience. Included in your retreat we will lead guided walks, always tailored to our clients experience and ability.

From the obvious physical benefits, weight loss, healthy heart and circulation , walking has numerous other benefits. It can help both memory and mood, relieve stress and anxiety and even mild depression. Add to this the closeness to nature, walking helps us find real connection and even boosts our creativity.

We will also incorporate mindful, meditative walking into your program. You can include a longer guided hike or walk.

Yoga, pilates, gym and sauna.

Included in your retreat will always be group classes of Yoga and Pilates as well as the chance to have one-to-one time with our instructors.

Yoga is the fundamental bridge between body and mind on your retreat and whether you are a beginner or a more practiced yogi the setting and the atmosphere of this retreat will seal the way to making yoga an integral part of your life.

Our retreat offers the services of a small but fully equipped gym including a circuit training session with a qualified instructor. Moreover on the top floor of the hotel is the mini gym which has an infrared sauna, a rowing machine, a stationary bicycle, a meditation or yoga area, a few weights and glorious views.

Massage and beauty treatments

Our 4 night retreat has been designed to be as wide ranging and inclusive as posible. When thinking about the body we not only wanted to include physical activities and of course fantastic healthy nutrition, we also wanted to offer some indulgent, luxurious touches. This is why we include massage therapy treatments. Check the What´s included section in each retreat as programs vary.

Our highly experienced masseuse is able to adapt between general relaxing full body massages to more targeted intense treatments depending on each client. We aim to always include at least one full body relaxing massage during your retreat 

We like offer our guests the ultimate guilt free self care experience.

In our retreats where our Ronda excursion is included you will be treated to a 120 minute circuit at the Aguas de Ronda hamman spa.

Special guests and activities.

We are thrilled to be able to include special guests at your retreats. Inspirational people from the world of self care and self improvement such as the indomitable Gabriella Kortsch. With Gabriella you have get involved in mini-group workshops as well as have the opportunity to have a private coaching session.

Being so close to the historic town of Ronda we are able to offer a fantastic day excursion which includes a fascinating walk through the Guadalavin valley, along the cliffs to the Puente Nuevo ending at a visit to the 13th century Arab baths.

We also include special creative experiences, drawing, painting, writing, aromatherapy workshops and much more. 
Just check the "What´s Included" guide in each retreat.